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Q: How does your 100% Satisfaction Guarantee Return Policy Work

A: If for any reason you are unhappy with your carpet tiles we will refund your order.  You have to pay for the return shipping and the carpet tiles must be in the same quality as we sent them out.  We highly encourage you to order samples first.

Q: What if I receive my tiles and they are damaged?

A: If you receive the carpet tiles and they are damaged or defective, we will replace them at no additional cost to you.

Q: Are Your Samples Really Free?

A: Absolutely!  We will mail up to 3 samples FREE of charge.  We want you to be able to make the most informed decision possible and a sample helps you in determining if it is the right tile for you.

Q: What size are tile carpet squares and how are they packaged?

A: The tile carpet squares we sell are usually 2 foot by 2 foot in size. All of our tile carpet squares are sold in boxes that generally cover between 48 and 72 square feet of space.

Q: Can I install tile carpet squares or do I need to hire a professional installer?

A: YES, you can easily install tile carpet squares on your own. No special tools are required for installation. Cuts can easily be made with a utility knife. For the easiest installation, select a tile carpet square that does not require adhesives. With only minimal use of adhesives or glues, all tile carpet squares are DIY friendly.

Q: I like the look of a pattern but don’t want to buy two different types of tiles. Is there a way to achieve this look with only one type of tile carpet square?

A: Tile carpet squares come with directional arrows on their back. If you want the patterned look without combining different styles of tiles, simply rotate your tile a quarter turn to vary the texture of your tile carpet square. This tone on tone look is very popular and easy to achieve.

Q: How visible will the seams of my tile carpet squares be?

A: If you are installing only one type of tile carpet square, without the quarter turn for pattern change, your seams should be only minimally visible. Many consumers, however, opt to combine different styles or textures of tile carpet square for a lively pattern. If you go this route, your seams will be visible as you shift between tiles.

Q: Do I need to install padding underneath my tile carpet squares?

A: No. One of the advantages of tile carpet squares is that the padding is built in. Padding should not be used with tile carpet squares, as they are designed to lie directly on your sub floor.

Q. Are carpet tiles environmentally friendly

A. Yes. Carpet tiles are a green flooring option that provides long lasting beauty as well as versatility. Most carpet tiles are 100% recyclable and made from recycled materials. In addition, when a section of the floor becomes worn or stained, just one section can be replaced as opposed to the whole floor of carpet.

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